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KIXS - Killeen, TX

Barbara Mandrell 1980

KTKT - Tucson, AZ

Dolly Parton 1981
                                                                   Charlie Daniels at TCC in Tucson,                             KHOS 1974                                   Johnny Tillitson in Las Vegas


  • The reason for this page was to show you my interest in broadcasting. 
  • Over the years I worked at some of the stations with web links underlined:
Click here to listen to my air check from KFMS-Las Vegas!
One of the most enjoyable parts of my broadcasting career was meeting some of the Country Music entertainers.  I was also nominated for Country Music Association DJ of the Year for a Medium Market (Tucson, AZ) in 1980.
My resume includes:
KCUB-Tucson    KHOS-Tucson      KIXS-Killeen   KJJJ-Phoenix
KIKX-Tucson     KTKT-Tucson      KWFM-Tucson (now Cool1450 - Tucson)
KDAV-Lubbock   KEYV-Las Vegas KFMS-Las Vegas
KNUU-Las Vegas (Knews 970)      KFBI-Las Vegas     KQOL-Las Vegas
KRRI (K-Rock&Roll) Boulder City-Las Vegas KIIM-FM - Tucson

                      Listen Live to KIIM-FM Tucson

My first radio gig was at KCUB-Tucson.  I was hired by "Sunny Jim Arnold".  I was interested in broadcasting since I was a kid. As I was growing up, I'd roll a tape recorder and capture moments that are now classic from such Rock and Roll Legends as WLS-Chicago, WQXI-Atlanta, WLCY-St. Petersburg-Tampa, and KRIZ-Glendale. I donated the airchecks to Reelradio.com. Just click the link and it will take you to my collections at their site.  I'm back on the air, working part-time on Saturday and Sunday mornings at KIIM-FM in Tucson.

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