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Thought I'd share some pictures. You’ll have to scroll down to see all of them. I share these with fond memories of the last few years.
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In front of my Oldsmobile taken in 1998

Me sporting my moustache

Leaving Las Vegas and heading South

As you probably know by now, I moved to Florida in August 2003.  I've lived here over two years now and moved around quite a bit.
Leaving Las Vegas                        Crossing the Mighty Mississippi

Crossing the swamps of Louisiana                                Arriving in Florida

I never dreamed I'd ever move from Las Vegas, but I decided to move to Florida after being laid off the first of 2003.  I rented a Penske truck, bought a Jeep Cherokee, loaded up a Penske Truck and on August 10, 2003 and headed toward Tucson, then Interstate 10, east to Florida.
Heading down Interstate 10  near San Antonio                Just east of Fort Stockton, Texas
Bob with a big smile as I drive eastward to FL           Daniel, what a co-pilot, eager to get there
     Crossing the mighty Mississippi River                   Swampland in Louisiana east of Baton Rouge
    After driving 5 days, we finally made it to the great state of Florida, Bob on left, Daniel on right


I was so glad to finally make it to Florida. That was a long drive across the United States.  It was fun seeing all the sights though, finally arriving in my new home at Fort McCoy, Florida.



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